Our Journey

Jeremy Schmidt, owner of AE Motorsports, was born and raised in Santa Cruz, CA. As far back as he can remember he has been in love with anything with wheels and a motor. Working on his father's '65 Malibu SS as a child sparked his interest in vehicles and it has been growing ever since. Tinkering on cars through high school was a great experience for him and kept him busy, on track and focused on expanding his skills. 


He also likes to draw and after high school was accepted to the San Francisco Academy of Arts for car design. At the last minute, he made a life changing decision to not attend SFAA and instead got into auto Mechanics. Jeremy started work at a locally well-known shop as their lot/deliveryman and within six months was moved into the shop to start working on cars. 


He went to night classes at De Anza College studying automotive technology for a year and sucked up all the knowledge he could fit into his brain. He truly loved learning everything his classes had to offer, but he felt like something was missing. As luck and life would have it, he was offered a position at the counter as a service writer for the company. Jeremy gladly took the position hoping for a chance to improve in a different and unfamiliar aspect of the automotive industry. From there, he never looked back. 


Service writing came naturally to him and he was still able to work on all the cars he liked and this was perfect! This has been his career for the last 10 years and he has enjoyed it very much. AE Motorsports came to be because of the natural progression of wanting to expand, take the next step and excel in all aspects of the industry. Jeremy has worked hard to polish his skills with cars and people during this time and wants to continue this for his lifetime. It is a lifestyle for sure and he loves it.


Tel: (831) 471-8280


Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm


Life long love affair with cars



- Wheel alignment

- Engine Diagnostic

- Oil and Break Checks

- Steering and suspension

- Belts and hoses

- Battery Change

- And more


140 Sylvania Ave. 

Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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